Danny Phantom is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon, produced by Billionfold Studios. The show is about a teenage half-ghost boy, who frequently saves his town and the world from ghost attacks, while attempting to keep his ghost half a secret. It is distributed by Canadian animation company, Nelvana.


Danny Phantom centers on the life and adventures of 14-year-old Danny Fenton, an unpopular but good-natured boy attending Casper High School in his small American hometown of Amity Park. He lives with his eccentric ghost hunting parents, Maddie and Jack, and an overbearing 16-year-old sister, Jazz (short for Jasmine). Upon pressure from his best friends, Sam and Tucker, he decides to explore his parent's Ghost Portal. They had created it with the intent of finally bridging the real world and the Ghost Zone (the ghostly parallel universe of Earth), but upon plugging it in, it failed to work. Once inside, he accidentally presses the "On" button, (something that his naive parents failed to do), subsequently activates the portal, and due to him being inside it at that moment, it infuses his DNA with ectoplasm, transforming him into a half ghost boy, nicknamed "The Halfa" by the rest of the ghost community.[1] Danny, who calls himself 'Danny Phantom' in ghost form, develops the ability to fly, become invisible, and turn his body intangible at first and throughout the timespan of the series learns other powers such as his ghost ray, ghostly wail, and Cryokinesis. Danny panics over his newfound powers and initially has little control over them, but he soon realizes that he can use his powers to protect his town from ill-meaning ghosts. After the defeat of a Lunch Lady Ghost in the first episode, Danny turns to the life of a superhero, using his powers to rid his hometown from the various ghosts that plague it.[2] Danny's best friends, technophile meat-loving Tucker Foley and goth-minded ultra-recyclo vegetarian Samantha (Sam) Manson support Danny and help him with his ghost fighting.

Danny's ghost self is a polarization of who he was when he entered the ghost portal. When he goes ghost, his black hair turns white, his blue eyes turn green and the white jumpsuit he was wearing during the accident is now black. Luckily, Sam takes off the Jack Fenton logo before the accident. If she hadn't, it would be on Danny every time he went ghost. In the second season Sam accidentally wishes for her and Danny to never have met, and by the work of a malevolent ghost called Desiree, it comes true, and Danny loses his ghost powers as a result. In the end she convinces the 100% human Danny to reenact the accident in order to regain his powers, but before that happens, she puts her newly designed logo on the jumpsuit, giving him the new Danny Phantom logo when he goes ghost. The intro also added the logo for seasons 2 and 3.

Aside from a variety of ghosts, Danny faces threats of many calibers, including vengeful ghost hunter Valerie Gray, who for a certain period of time becomes his love interest,[3] other half ghost/rival Vlad Masters/Plasmius, an old friend of his father's and considered to be his true arch-rival,[4] and even his own parents—being ghost hunters, they view Danny Phantom (and any ghosts) as a menace to society. In addition, Danny tries to keep his secret safe from his classmates, teachers, and family. Throughout it all, Danny slowly realizes his own potential and his purpose, while his worlds - both the Ghost Zone and Earth - slowly begin to accept him as their defender.[5]



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  • Daniel "Danny" Fenton/"Danny Phantom" (voiced by David Kaufman) The titular character of the show. A freshman in high school along with his friends, Danny is a shy, clumsy 14-year-old boy who gained ghost powers from a lab accident when he stepped into his parents' ghost portal. He later chooses to use these powers to fight against malevolent ghosts, which have begun to regularly escape the mysterious Ghost Zone and plague his hometown of Amity Park.[2] An ongoing arc is his constant struggle to use his powers for the benefit of others than abuse it for his own selfishness. He likes Sam.[5][6][7]
  • Samantha "Sam" Manson (voiced by Grey DeLisle): Danny's other best friend and girlfriend at the end of the series, later blamed for the accident giving Danny his powers. They have a close relationship which turns out to be crushes, much to Tucker's dismay. Though wealthy, she chooses to hide her family's monetary success (for quite some time), in favor of being liked for who she is. A strident individualist, Sam is a practitioner of an overly dramatized fictional form of vegetarianism called "Ultra Recyclo-Vegetarianism"[2] (often generalized as "not eating anything that had a face"), a frequent protester for such things as animal rights,[6] and a self-proclaimed goth. She has a crush on Danny.[5][8][9]
  • Tucker Foley (voiced by Rickey D'Shon Collins): A lighthearted teenager obsessed with technology, getting a girlfriend, and meat, he has been Danny's best friend "since forever". And when he figures out that Sam and Danny are dating, he tells Danny to pull the plug, which makes a huge fight between them and causes them to not talk to each other for days. When he goes to Sam's house, he tells her how much he doesn't want them to date and Sam kisses him on the lips and makes him get over it.[10] When not obsessing over gadgets, he obsesses over girls.[11] Like Sam, he shares in Danny's secret and often helps battle ghosts back into the Ghost Zone. He generally provides comic relief.[12]
  • Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton (voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey): Danny's know-it-all (and somewhat overprotective and perhaps overly helpful) older sister; a smart and highly sociable overachiever who also thinks herself as an adult. Jazz considers her parents' obsession with ghosts as a sign of needing psychological help.[2][13] She eventually learns about Danny's powers,[14] but chooses not to reveal her knowledge until he is ready to talk about it with her. Jazz once dated one of Danny's enemies, 13. Even though he used her it is shown she still has feeling for him and they secretly date[7]
  • Jack Fenton (voiced by Rob Paulsen): Danny and Jazz's father and Maddie's husband. Jack expresses an obsession with destroying ghosts, blindly going by the belief that all ghosts are evil and not worth living, including Danny Phantom.[15] He is generally incompetent in nature, but can be an effective fighter when provoked.[15][16][17] Jack cares about his family but is oblivious to Danny's powers.[2][13] He is almost never seen without his orange jumpsuit.
  • Maddie Fenton (voiced by Kath Soucie) is Danny and Jazz's mother. Like her husband, she is a gifted genius and dedicator of destroying ghosts, though she usually aims to dissect and study them.[13] She is an excellent, competent fighter.[16][18] Like her husband, she is rarely seen without her blue jumpsuit.


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Danny Phantom first appeared on DVD in the Nick Picks DVD sets, appearing in all five volumes[19][20][21] and the Christmas special.[22] Nickelodeon and later struck a deal to produce DVDs of various Nickelodeon shows. Amazon made the discs, cover art, and disc art themselves. It is currently only available in Danny Phantom Season One and Two were released on Sept 16th.[23]

Despite its claim, each set only contained thirteen episodes each—the first set including the first thirteen episodes; the second set carrying on with the next thirteen. The third Danny Phantom DVD was released on June. 9th.[24] This set contains the entirety of Season Three, rather than the previous thirteen episode sets, skipping over the rest of Season Two. Later editions of the first two seasons contained the entire first and second seasons of Danny Phantom and was released in Nov. 2009. Those, and all the other episodes, can be found on iTunes.

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There have been two video games released for the series. Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy for the (Game Boy Advance) was made to promote the then upcoming special "The Ultimate Enemy" with the main gameplay consisting of events from the TV movie. It is a 2D platformer and was released in Sept. 8, 2005.[25] Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle for both the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS was to promote the Danny Phantom episode "Urban Jungle". It is loosely based on the episode and is strictly a shooter game. It was released Sept. 19, 2006.[26]

Danny and other characters have also been featured in other Nickelodeon video games: Nicktoons: Summer Camp, Nicktoons Basketball for the PC, and Nicktoons Movin' Eyetoy for the (PlayStation 2). He is a playable character in the kart racer Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing (PC) and the latter Nicktoons Nitro developed by Raw Thrills for the arcade.[27] Nicktoons: Freeze Frame Frenzy for the (Game Boy Advance), and Nicktoons: Android Invasion (Leapfrog). Danny plays a key role as one of the main heroes in the Nicktoons Unite! series, appearing in all four games and their subsequent handheld counterparts. Danny Phantom has appeared in two mobile games, Nicktoons Mini Golf (USA, and Danny Phantom: El secuestro de Jazz, available only in Chile.

Proposed Theatrical MovieEdit

When the series began, Hartman tossed around the idea of a possible full fledged theatrical film (which he stated, he can do a lot more CGI and animation). He also stated that he had writers currently writing up ideas for the film. The status of the film hasn't been announced yet, but it is likely shelved.

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