Rabbits are mammals of the order Lagomorpha. There are about fifty different species of rabbits and hares. The order Lagomorpha is made of rabbits, pikas and hares. Rabbits can be found in many parts of the world.[1] They live in families and eat vegetables and hay. In the wild, rabbits live in burrows, that they dig themselves. A group of rabbits living together in a burrow is called a warren.

A male rabbit is called a buck, and a female is called a doe. A baby rabbit is called a kit, which is short for kitten. Rabbits have a gestation period of around 31 days. The female can have up to 12-13, very rarely litters as big as 18 and as small as one.

Some people have rabbits as pets. The most popular pet rabbit is the Netherland Dwarf. Rabbits are also raised as meat animals. Rabbits are of a different biological classification than hares.

Since rabbits are prey animals, they tend to be Template:Broken wikt link in new spaces and when Template:Broken wikt link with a threat, they freeze and observe. Rabbit vision has a very wide field, and a good deal of it is devoted to overhead scanning. Even indoors, rabbits will scan for overhead threats.

Rabbits have a complex social structure, and like dogs, will try to get a Template:Broken wikt link and Template:Broken wikt link.

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